I recently moved to London and as an addicted coffee lover, I went on a journey to find the best coffee in London. I visited some quite famous, but also some not so famous places.

So I took a stroll around good ol’ London and this is what I have tried so far:

-TAP coffee

Great coffee and great interior. Coffee is smooth but quite rich flavored. 

You can bring your laptop and work. Staff is really friendly and the wifi is decent.

-Sacred Café

I've only tried their Flat White in Westfield London and it's actually a quite mean one! 

If you want good coffee this is a place you should definitely visit! Wifi wise, their other locations might have a better and more work-friendly environment, however, if you are visiting Westfield and you're looking for the best coffee - you'll find it in Sacred, in front of AllSaints on the ground floor.

-Lola's Bakery

To be honest,  although some people might like the cute bakery, I believe the coffee is quite watery and weak. You can always try it for yourself, however, both times I went there, I was not happy and I threw the coffee away. 

-Caffe Nero

I would say it's my go to. I benefit from a variety of different perks there and the coffee is quite good. If you live or work near a Caffè Nero, then listen up… There’s a way you can get 50+ hot drinks on the house each year by combining separate offers (known as ‘stacking’).
It’ll work on most coffees, hot chocolate and tea and could be a lifesaver on those days when you'd want some extra coffee.
Welcome to the world of deal stacking. To get free coffee, you’ll be stacking offers:

Collect TWO stamps on your reward card or app for bringing your own cup OR when you drink your coffee in and not use a to-go cup.
Five free stamps with code: GETFIVE
1 free coffee with code: WELCOMETONERO2019

Tap HERE to download the app and receive a free referral drink on me.
Make sure after you download it you first use your above two promo codes and then you take advantage of my referral drink. That way you're going to get 2 free drinks and 5 stamps!!

How wonderful??

Will it always work?

You may need to remind the barista that it’s two stamps when you use your own cup, but I’ve only ever been refused once. In that case, they will give you a paper stamp and you can add it to your phone on your next purchase.

It can be especially handy at train stations and airports, where normal offers usually don’t apply, and the drinks tend to be more expensive.


Their coffee and food are quite outstanding. The only issue is sockets. 
As I tend to work from coffee shops, an electrical socket is an important detail to make me go over and over.

-Brew and Wild West Hampstead

Truly some of the best coffee in London. Rich in flavor, the little shop's flat white, enchanted me. It is only to go, so if you want to sit and work somewhere it is definitely not the place.

They offer a loyalty card, where your tenth coffee is FREE. 
Try their vegan pastries and soups - absolutely delicious.

-Costa Coffee

Costa's coffee is always good, no matter where I go. 
I can say that it is not rich enough in flavor, but it's never watery or burned. 

Staff can get sometimes rude, so I prefer to explore different coffee shops if I have the opportunity.

-Elan Cafe

Although one of the best places to take pictures, it is extremely overpriced and taste-wise is nothing special. 

However, if you want to take those Instagram worthy pictures and you are not after something delicious, then this is the place for you!

-Black Sheep Coffee

Although their marketing is quite good and they lured me in, I have to say that their coffee is not the best.

The whole concept is really good, but they are lacking quality coffee.

-Farmgirl Café

It’s delicious and so pretty!

The little café in Notting Hill definitely is worth a visit. All the drinks and food are absolutely beautiful, but tasty as well.

-The Monocle Cafe 

One of the top coffee places in London and definitely worth a visit (or multiple). 
You have a place to work and the atmosphere is quite relaxing.

I will keep trying and keeping you in the loop for London's best coffee!  

I hope this helps, guys!

Let me know what you think and if you have visited any of these coffee shops!

Or if you think another coffee shop should be listed here and why?